Up To 7% Rental Yield


Traditionally property has shown it will double in capital growth in seven to ten years.  This has produced an attraction to negatively gearing a property where you claim your losses and pick up a capital gain.

Market Shift

A number of things now indicate the capital gain won’t occur every seven to ten years as in the past.

Need More Than One

In most cases one property will not replace your income in retirement.  If all your properties are negatively geared and there is not enough capital gain after a long period this could place a large strain on your day to day cash flow, and impact your lifestyle while you are still working.

The Answer – Cash Flow Positive Properties

With our certification process we are able to locate and negotiate dual income properties that will return up to 7% rental yield.

Why Are These Returns Higher Than Normal

  1.   Location
  2.   Demand
  3.   Infrastructure
  4.   Rental Yield % is much greater than the land cost percentage


Typical Dual Income Property

"Typical Dual Income Duplex"


For a full detailed report on the advantages and disadvantages of positive and negatively geared properties and a comprehensive in-depth summary on how we achieve and maintain this return.

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