Our Certification Process

Our Point Of Difference

When we apply our certification process we will introduce investment properties that will ensure you receive a rental yield that will suit your situation until your capital growth is realised.

Independent Research From Michael Matusik

0F8A9620 copyCertified Property Investments provides a property investment service using our certification process which is supported along with Michael Matusik’s independent research giving us a point of difference in achieving the best results for investors.

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With 26 years of experience, Michael Matusik is considered a thought leader in the Australian housing industry.

Michael, who heads his Brisbane-based property advisory firm, Matusik Property Insights, is known for providing insightful, accurate and perceptive advice.

He and his team have helped close to 600 new residential projects come to fruition.

With a no-nonsense approach, Michael’s analysis of the market is considered second to none.

Certification Process

  • Varying criteria are applied to investment properties, maximising their appeal and protecting the interests of the buyers.
  • Our certification process makes us different.
  • High certification criteria and ethical practices are combined to identify well located properties that meet the expectation of investors.
  • Our certification process and methodology distinguishes all properties we offer to our investors.


Typical criteria applied include the following

  • Investigate who the market movers are in the areas we are looking at eg. It maybe woolworths if they are expanding in the area with new shopping centres this suggests they would have carried out research in the area and be confident there will be a population increase to support their expansion
  • Infrastructure has taken place now and in the future in relation to transport, shops , education, medical and employment
  • Carry out a detailed study in relation to demand for what type of rental properties new or old
  • Provide the demographics of the location in relation to age, workforce, medium rents, medium house price, vacancy rates, and population growth
  • Zonings  (Are there any subdivision opportunities now or in the future?)



For further explanation and discussion of our certification process please call Col on 0437 181 023.